Kennel Avrina & (N) Astasiam

Welcometo kennel Avrina & (N) Astasiam


Beautiful little Camille have begin to show . . .

And on her 3 first shows in her young life she have the following wonderful results ;

2.09.12. Was her debut and she got BOB and 2 BIS for judge Caroline Hals at Hønefoss.

8.09.12. BOB and 4 Best in group for judge Torill Ludvigsen at Ørsta Hundeklubb.

9.09.12. This day was just amazing ! She won BOB 1 Best in group and 1 BIS !!!!!!!!!

So we just look forward to follow this little beauty in the ring now.

She has the best temper ever - just as her mother wags her tail all the time is is full of selfconfidence and love everyone she meeting - both other dogs and humans.

She is a perfct little poodle and I am very proud of her.

(N) Astasiamnyheter

My first Sphynx litter has arrived !

They was born 12.10.09. I was urgently sent to the hospital the day after they arrived and have to stay there for 6 days.

The mother and her kittens was sent to a caring family when I was at the hospital.

But now I am home again and all is doing fine ...both me the litter, their mother and my dogs.

It seems to be only 1 boy in this litter and 4 girls. The boy is the little black charmer.

And he have four wonderful sisters - I guess I have a cream, a red and a black tortie girl.

The smallest one in the litter I have no idea of what colour she is.

But they are 2 weeks now and are just adorable ! I love to watch them and their loving caring mother Sabriel.

Check them out at their own page - look for the X litter.

I have not given them their real names yet either.

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